Drive-to-store advertising campaigns have a 70% average uplift of in-store traffic, TabMo finds

TabMo today released benchmarks for drive-to-store advertising campaigns.

TabMo today released the results of a benchmark survey based on the campaigns using TabMo’s In-Store Impact. TabMo says drive-to-store advertising campaigns activated through TabMo’s platform Hawk show a 70% average uplift of in-store traffic.

“Five months after launching our cross-channel drive-to-store solution, In-Store Impact, we have looked at a number of campaigns across various markets to build out solid performance benchmarks around drive-to-store advertising. In-Store Impact enables marketers to track real-time footfall uplift data tied directly to cross-channel advertising activity activated on Hawk by TabMo’s platform," said Renaud Biet, co-founder at TabMo.

According to Tabmo, 14% of the (ad) clicks recorded converted into store visits, an average in-store visit costs $2.62, the average distance driven to the store after being exposed to an ad is 9km.

The uplift for in-store traffic was highest in Germany (127%), following by Italy (106%), Belgium (74%), the UK (68%), and France (63%).

The beauty industry recorded a 271% increase in in-store footfall as a result of advertising campaigns; this figure is 145% for style and 126% for home and garden. High tech was the lowest at 13%.

The food and drink sector had the best visit rate per impression at 0.30% (meaning generating a store visit required an average of 333 ad impressions).

TabMo analyzed the results of 240 drive-to-store advertising campaigns activated through Hawk and carried out in European markets between 21 April and 7 October 2020.